Autobahn Police Simulator 3 – Update 1.3.4

To enforce law and order you have to keep everything under control! From now on you’ll get more freedom while configuring game and adjusting settings in the options menu! With the Update 1.3.4 you’ll have the chance to configure controls more precisely and get the ability to select the device you want to setup independently from the used input device.

Apart from that, this small update brings some stability improvements.

Below you find the most important changes:


  • Changing the v-sync setting with a gamepad no longer opens the brightness setting.
  • Getting a rank-up directly after an arrest no longer causes the parking spot at the station to vanish.
  • Performance drops in missions with emergency vehicles at the scene should no longer be noticeable.
  • You should no longer encounter floating trunk contents whenever you check the trunk of a Bear Baranga.
  • Addressed some smaller visual and auditory issues in some cutscenes.
  • The cars of arrested drivers will no longer become ghosts under certain conditions and try to drive away.
  • Checking of freight items and securing of cargo can only be carried out once per item from now on.
  • Truck cargo bay doors no longer open awkwardly only after you enter the cargo bay.


  • Improved visuals of the sawmill building, especially for lower texture settings.

Platform Specific:

  • PC: Remapping of input actions got an overhaul and is now simpler and more straightforward to use. Especially usage of other input methods other than the one you want to re-bind during the binding process is now working correctly.
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