Autobahn Police Simulator 3 – Update 1.3.3

Suit up! Now you can enforce the law and order, wearing new outfit! It’s up for you to decide, whether it is style over substance or vice versa. This update brings two new features to the game!

  • New police uniform available! German police forces introduced a new uniform that is giving them higher visibility when they’re on duty. You can switch between the legacy and the new uniform at the locker room in the police station.
  • You can finally experience the game in a more original way by choosing to have German voice-overs for any written language! Just go into the audio options and make the switch!

Also, as always, we’ve improved the game at all ends!

Below you find the most important changes:


  • Observation marker in UI is no longer going out of bounds.
  • Leaving the vehicle is now prohibited during parts of car chases and street cleanups.
  • World map cursor snapping has been made more concise.
  • Hitting debris on the road in street cleanup missions no longer breaks the mission when it’s cancelled.
  • A lot of small and medium issues with text display have been fixed, especially for languages like Turkish and Chinese.
  • There is now a little more time available for catching the cows in mission “Animal Road Hazard”.
  • Shooting challenge starting countdowns no longer have a lag before gameplay starts.
  • ATV traffic control task for fourth Off-Road rank is now correctly counting valid traffic controls.
  • The duration of the vehicle repairing cutscene has been shortened
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