Autobahn Police Simulator 3 – Update 1.3.2

This small update brings some stability improvements mostly for the recently released Off-Road DLC. 

Below you find the most important changes: 


  • [Off-Road] During Dog Tracking events the vehicle will no longer switch to a lower LOD while Dexter is leaving the vehicle 
  • [Off-Road] Moved trees out of the way during a cutscene in “The Snake Nest” 
  • [Off-Road] Dexter is no longer disappearing prematurely during a cutscene in “The Snake Nest” 
  • Vehicle turning indicators will no longer be stuck in a “on” state after certain cutscenes 
  • Radiator grill blue light (for vehicles that support it) will no longer be stuck enabled after certain cutscenes 

Platform Specific

  • [PS4] Fixed a crash during shootouts 
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