Autobahn Police Simulator 3: DLC + Update 1.3.1

It’s finally time for a new story! The anticipated DLC Off-Road is now available to play. Track down suspects and bring them to justice with the help of the keen sense of your loyal four-legged partner. Navigate through off-road terrain driving the brand-new police vehicle and chase down criminals, who’s trying to evade the law! It’s still up to you to keep the autobahn safe!

Off-Road DLC:

  • A new storyline split over multiple missions awaits you. You can start the first mission by driving to the green star marker on the map. Some of the missions also contain new gameplay elements.
  • The new mission type “Dog Tracking” lets you search for missing persons or hiding criminals together with Dexter, the police dog. Dog Tracking missions become unlocked during the Off-Road story. They can be accessed via the mission board in the police department as usual, and you will get the occasional radio call.
  • A new police vehicle which is better suited for the new offroad tracks in the world is now waiting for you to be unlocked – the ATV! This vehicle is also the only one that has a kennel for your new furry best friend and is a requirement to play Dog Tracking missions.
  • Two completely new vehicles – the Rhino Wayfarer and Roamer Ferocity – are now appearing in the world.
  • Two additional accident cases.
  • Special off-road car chases through the wilderness.
  • Stacking stone towers is a new leisure activity – you can find several locations in the western parts of the world with suitable stones for building cairns. Stack them all for a reward!
  • 11 new achievements are awarded for the progress in the Off-Road campaign.

Apart from the release of the Off-Road DLC, we’re also pushing out some improvements to the main game with this update.

Below you can find the most important changes:


  • In mission “Holdup” you can no longer exit the vehicle while driving to the gas station.
  • The Observation gameplay got an update. Now the distance you must keep to the observed vehicle depends on its speed. This means you need to stay closer on slower speeds and farther away on higher speeds.


  • Fixed some positioning errors and visible door interaction points on the red van in mission “Tick-tock”.
  • Fixed player vehicle teleporting to a garage in the old part of the world after 100% damage instead of choosing one which is nearer in the new world.
  • Fixed rear lights on the police van not lighting up while driving backwards.
  • Fixed a potential blocker in mission “Under Surveillance” which could happen after talking to the gapers at the start of the mission.
  • Fixed missing drivers & number plates in cutscenes at the end of “Roadblock” missions.
  • Fixed health of enemies not resetting properly after restarting missions of type “Holdups”.
  • Fixed speedometer HUD not updating if you directly switch from an activated right blinker to the left blinker.


  • Improved the rank task display on the Progression page. Progress numbers for rank tasks are now larger and better readable.
  • The mission marker for vehicles, for example in car chases and observations is now above the vehicles instead directly on the vehicle.
  • Updated moving animations for shooting missions. Now there is a much smoother movement while walking and aiming at the same time.

Platform Specific:

  • [PS4] updated resolution of some textures.

Get DLC here:


XBox Series X|S

PlayStation™Store PlayStation 4 (Europe/Australia) (Americas)

PlayStation™Store PlayStation 5 (Europe/Australia) (Americas)

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