Autobahn Police Simulator 3 – Update 1.3.0

Have you ever thought of visiting places you’ve never been? In Major Update 1.3.0 you can, because the gaming world is expanding: there are new areas available on the map for you to explore and some of our procedural missions will be spawned there for you to solve.

Additional to the new world we again have made technical improvements, squashed bugs, and tweaked some aspects of the gameplay. Have fun patrolling the Autobahn and feel free to share your opinions after playing the game!

The complete list of changes for this update is the following:


  • The game world has gotten larger with this update. To the west of the map there are now some new areas available for you to explore and it can happen that missions like Roadblocks, Accidents, Car Chases, Street Cleanups and Holdups are triggered in the new parts of the world.
  • From now on, exiting the vehicle while driving towards a mission is in most cases locked.
  • If you drive to a mission of type “Roadblock” there will now be some additional radio calls on the way.
  • Improved placement of mission target and other police vehicles in various locations for missions of type “Roadblock”
  • Changed Aim-Assist calculation to have a smother snapping to the targets.
  • It now can happen that the weather is foggy if you start a game.


  • Fixed various issues with lights on drivable vehicles being no longer switchable after cutscenes.
  • Fixed hazard flashers blinking asynchronously if started while turning indicator was active.
  • Fixed a potential crash if the fire extinguisher was not put back into the trunk in mission “Danger of Explosion!” and the mission was canceled.
  • Fixed a potential Softlock if the driven vehicle in mission “Out of Control” reached 100% damage and retry was selected in the following popup.
  • Fixed cursor snapping to invisible fast travel icons on map when a gamepad is used.
  • Fixed a formatting issue in dialogue choices which prevented the proper translation of text placeholders in languages like Spanish or French.
  • Fixed a blocker caused by opening the pause menu just before the failure screen for being defeated in a shooting range appeared, returning to the game, and then continuing with yes.
  • Fixed bus driver in mission “Tick-tock” sometimes disappearing.
  • Fixed wrongly counting invalid arrests for rank tasks in which you need to make arrests.
  • Fixed recorded speed check result not being acknowledged as an offense in the Traffic Stop debriefing if the driver was speeding.


  • Improved placement of controller icons in photo mode for PS5 Dual Shock controller on PC/PS5.
  • Various memory optimizations to improve stability.
  • Some small animator updates to improve animator performance.

Platform Specific:

  • [PC] Fixed switching from mouse + keyboard to controller and back in Document Checks in Traffic Controls leads to not being able to control the cursor with the mouse anymore.
  • [PS5] Fixed Aim-Assist sometimes stops working after restarting the game or completing missions.
  • [PS4] Improved textures of various objects in the game.
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  • James
    August 31, 2023 at 3:31 pm Reply
    I Would love some new vehicles for use maybe like police interceptors type anpr as well

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