Autobahn Police Simulator 3 – Update 1.1.0

This major update fixes various bugs, improves the camera and performance. Additionally, the last two special missions can now be unlocked. Furthermore, there is also new content with the update, such as the shooting range. More features and content can be found in the changelog 📑:


  • The missions “Tick-Tock” available at rank 25 and “Fast as Lightning” available at rank 45 are now available. If you passed the rank already you can start the missions on the mission board in the police department or at the mission point in the world. 
  • The shooting range is now available on the training mission board behind the police department where you also can start the driving school missions. 
  • The securing task in the mission “Danger of Explosions” was removed and the initial parking stop was moved. Now your police car blocks the oncoming traffic and leaves you more time to rescue the NPC’s. 
  • The icon for the mission board was changed to better distinguish between the NPC’s and the mission board. 
  • Tweaked spawn probabilities for procedural content and added a system to increase the probabilities according to the required tasks of the current rank. 
  • Changed the driving school rank tasks to not count previously completed driving school challenges. To complete the tasks, you now need to do the challenges again. 
  • The timer to fail mission “Hold-Up!” if you are near the gangsters was decreased. 
  • Tweaked enemy positions in mission “Hold-Up!” 
  • Changed conditions for some bonus tasks in missions “Hold-Up!”, “Out of Control” and “Sting!” 
  • Tweaked vehicle controls for all player vehicles. 
  • Changed the probabilities for the reasons as of why a broken-down car holds and if the driver wears his vest, has the hazard flashers on or places the waning triangle. 
  • Changed description of the “Unlock Tech Tree Item” rank task to prevent confusion if multiple items with similar names exist. 
  • Changed calculation for vehicle violations while using Intuition now the Intuition is a bit more accurate regarding vehicles with violations. 
  • Changed the played radio calls after starting a car chase triggered by a radio call to better fit the reason as of why the car escaped. 
  • Car Chases can now be cancelled. 
  • Tweaked gameplay for mission “Undercover Investigation” 
  • We added an AI for Stefan for the first batch of missions (“Danger of Explosions”, “Animal Road Hazard” and “Under Surveillance”). More will follow.


  • Fixed some possible softlocks caused by the tutorial to start before the fading has finished. 
  • Fixed a possible softlock caused by a wrong player position after interacting with the pin board in the police station. 
  • Fixed possible blockers if a mission was canceled while holding an item. 
  • Fixed player still in carrying animation if you cancel mission “Danger of Explosion” while carrying an NPC. 
  • Fixed fast travel and save not always working after using retry for mission “Out of Control” 
  • Fixed some achievements related to statistics not triggering after the requirements are fulfilled.
  • Fixed map menu can be opened during cutscenes. 
  • Fixed hazard flashers are never visible on broken down cars even if the spawn algorithms selected them to be turned on. 
  • Fixed driving school can be started while delivering an arrested NPC back to the station. 
  • Fixed player not correctly seated in the police van after performing an arrest. 
  • Fixed car lights not properly updated after changing the time-of-day. 
  • Fixed sandbox mission board not allowing to select the difficulty of street cleanups. 
  • Fixed animations and rotations of various items used in street cleanup. 
  • Fixed missing icon for broken down cars in the legend for the map. 
  • Fixed statistic for played accidents also counts unfished ones. 
  • Fixed the exclamation mark not appearing on the NPC’s in the police department after a new mission from the pin board is available. 
  • Fixed camera not resetting properly after canceling mission “Animal Road Hazard” during placing traffic cones. 
  • Fixed Tech Tree upgrades for ammunition not working anymore after reloading the game. 
  • Fixed doing a takedown is possible while reloading. 
  • Fixed a randomly occurring bug preventing the mission “Danger of Explosions” from ending after leaving the mission area. 
  • Fixed a memory leak in photo mode for accidents if the taken picture was wrong. 
  • Fixed map not showing the exclamation mark for meta story missions if they are available. 
  • Fixed vehicles spawn into each other after reloading if you teleport to the station leave the vehicle and then move another vehicle from its usual parking spot. 
  • Fixed problems with initializing procedural accidents which could lead to some of the involved NPC not having a proper actor setup causing them to skip dialogue lines. 


  • We reworked the camera updates and interpolation settings for the driving cameras to prevent camera stutters while driving. 
  • Improved some camera transitions while entering the vehicle. 
  • Improved multiple cutscenes regarding transitions and problems regarding wheel positions of moving vehicles. 
  • Changed the cutscene for leaving the police department after an arrest. Now Stefan and the player meet a bit farther away from the station, which improves the camera positioning and lighting after the cutscene. 
  • Optimized loading pipeline for vehicles to improve memory management. 
  • Opening the Help Menu now selects a help entry instead of staying empty. 
  • Changed how closing of menus is handled internally to prevent game audio sometimes disappearing after closing a menu. 
  • Tachometer and odometer are now functional in the car in first person view. 
  • Tweaked sounds for helicopter to be now better audible if it is present. 
  • Improved performance related to loading/displaying vegetation. 


  • PS4/PS5: Fixed outlines not correctly displayed while using Intuition. 
  • PS4: Improved resolution of some textures. 
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