Autobahn Police Simulator 3 – Update 1.0.7


  • Improved gameplay of mission “The Last Race” and improved game stability while playing it.
  • Tweaked gameplay for rescuing characters in mission “Danger Of Explosion”
  • Tweaked timings for road blockade missions.
  • Changed colliders on some assets to prevent the player to get stuck inside them.
  • Another update to the process of how we generate the backgrounds for accident sketches. The new approach is independent of the scene lighting and brightness setting and gives the same result for sketches regardless of the time of day.


  • Fixed various cases in which the mission board got locked and missions could not be completed.
  • Fixed pressing map button causes cutscenes to freeze.
  • Fixed car reset feature can lead to endless loading screens.
  • Fixed target parking zone not visible in roadblocks.
  • Fixed bonus XP not available in accidents after purchasing the respective tech tree item.
  • Fixed wrong rotation behavior of fire extinguisher in traffic controls.
  • Fixed mission popup not being disabled after skipping cutscenes.
  • Fixed mini map sometimes not deactivated during cutscenes.
  • Fixed initialization of topic markers to prevent them from appearing in random locations after starting or continuing a game.
  • Fixed some cases in which the sitting position after arresting a character was wrongly initialized. This could lead to characters sitting on top of the car instead of inside.
  • Fixed mission marker sometimes disappearing on the world map.
  • Fixed Time-Of-Day option appears greyed out.
  • Fixed some issues with light states of vehicle lights not being reset correctly.


  • Improved handling of save files in main menu to prevent getting stuck in the menu after deleting save files.
  • Updated auto save handling after collecting collectables to prevent broken save files if the save triggers at the wrong time.
  • We added some updates for checks when certain sounds should be played. This fixes many occasions where sounds did not get stopped like the car horn after exiting the car.
  • Further optimizations and updates for LOD groups for assets.
  • Updated lighting to reduce artefacts on characters during time-of-day switches.
  • Changed the render order for outlines to improve visibility and brightness during different day times which was especially visible in the photo mode.
  • Improved animation transition between hands up and idle driving in arrest cutscenes.
  • Some UI tweaks to accommodate longer texts in some languages.
  • Tweaked UI animations for mini map to synchronize the appearance of control buttons.
  • Improved menu transitions between different tabs of the pause menu.
  • Improved culling algorithm for vegetation to prevent shadows to suddenly appear/disappear.


  • PS4: improved memory footprint to fixed various crashes especially during missions.
  • PS4: fixed problems with outlines not appearing correctly
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