Autobahn Police Simulator 3 – Update 1.0.6

All versions of Autobahn Police Simulator 3 (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S) get an update to 1.0.6! The biggest update so far includes many patches, various bugfixes, and some changes 📑:


  • Tweaked car chase difficulty in mission “The Last Race”
  • Updated MOT-checks to be more likely to be expired or shortly expired.
  • Fast Travel is now blocked during “Roadblock” missions.
  • Accident Sketches now show a road sketch to make it easier to place vehicles.
  • Improved accuracy of the placed items in accident sketches.
  • Tweaked sizes of smaller sketch objects in accident sketches.
  • Tweaked placement of victims in mission “Danger of Explosion” to prevent cases in which the player can get stuck between rescued victims.
  • Increased XP awarded for car chases.
  • Increased probability for “Roadblock” missions to appear as radio calls.


  • Fixed a bug which could lead the Partner to stay in the car if you enter and exit the car to fast.
  • Fixed various tutorial timings to prevent the player from getting soft locked if the tutorial is activated while the game is waiting for another task to be finished.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the mission system to hang up if a mission was started at an unexpected time.
  • Fixed a bug in “Traffic Control” missions which caused a soft lock if the player spams multiple buttons.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the fire extinguisher in mission “Danger of Explosion”
  • Fixed an issue which caused the accident photo mode to not be available in some cases.
  • Fixed some disappearing subtitles in mission “Welcome To The Autobahn”.
  • Fixed the rank task requirement for “Broken Down Car” missions being triggered by just one done mission instead of the required number declared in the task.
  • Fixed UI hint for Accident Sketch not disabled if a mission is canceled.
  • Fixed some wrongly assigned voice overs in mission “Hold-up!”
  • Fixed not being able to extinguish fires after restarting mission “Danger of Explosion”
  • Fixed an issue preventing “Traffic Control” missions from being counted as completed after an arrest.
  • Added missing UI sounds to menus.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the start of new missions in the mission board.
  • Fixed random appearing dialogue icons on the map.
  • Fixed center button in map menu does not center on the player.
  • Fixed shooting dialogues being played after mission “Undercover Investigation” is finished.
  • Fixed various colliders not being set up correctly for NPC’s in missions.
  • Fixed some issues with the outro cutscene in mission “Danger of Explosion” if the player carries a victim.
  • Fixed an issue with some evidence objects sometimes not spawning in “Procedural Accident” missions.
  • Fixed wrong placement of donuts in the player characters hands.
  • Fixed retry not possible in mission “Danger of Explosion”.
  • Fixed some UI bugs which caused unwanted line breaks.
  • Added an extra reset to character and face animations in dialogues to prevent leaking animation states like open mouths or dialogue animations still being played after the dialogue.
  • Fixed positioning of the logo on the police van.
  • Fixed intuition overlay sometimes leaking into cutscenes.
  • Fixed some cases where the save game did save mission information which it should not save.
  • Fixed a problem with parking zones not appearing in “Road Block Missions”


  • Improved the reset system for player and player vehicle in case of out of bounds occurrences.
  • Separated various animators for humanoid characters to reduce the memory load of NPC’s.
  • Replaced some State Machines checking for NPC speech topic updates with direct checks after certain gameplay events to reduce computation time.
  • Improved camera handling for the player character.
  • Tweaks to the player marker on the map should make the player standpoint more visible.
  • Tweaked Fast Travel Point selection on map to make it easier to start a teleport.
  • Markers for the locations of unique mission start points are now displayed for each unlocked mission.
  • Updated vehicle animators to reduce needed computation time for lights.
  • Added culling to off screen vehicle animators.
  • Added Credits menu.
  • Asset optimization for various world props.
  • The sorting order of sketch objects in the accident sketch was revised. Now not yet correctly placed objects are always drawn on top.
  • Improved audio levels to be more equal during dialogues.
  • Added a save game check after loading a game to clear up accidentally saved data.
  • Improved handling of needed characters to improve memory usage.
  • Updated the animation and update system for the UI to reduce CPU usage.
  • Optimized LOD settings for various assets.
  • Added caching for some frequently accessed gameplay values to remove the number of required calculations.


  • PS4: Fixed Using Touchpad prevents menu input.
  • PS4: Fixed a wrongly placed tree at rest stop “Volktal”
  • PS4: improved texture resolution of RTW & rescue personal
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