Autobahn Police Simulator 3 – Update 1.0.6 coming soon

The next big update is coming in a few days. While we are working hard on the update 1.0.6, you can already look forward to the unlocking of the “time-of-day” switch and new accident sketches. Of course, we have also dedicated ourselves to further bug fixes as well as improvements for various missions and features.

Here is a small excerpt from the upcoming changelog:

  • various improvements for accidents, dialogs and missions.
  • unlocking of the feature “time-of-day”
  • new accident sketches
  • bugfix for input changes
  • improvement of SFX in UI
  • fixes for NPC facial expressions
  • optimizations for savegames: unnecessary assets are removed from savegames
  • optimization of the animators in the game
  • optimization of FSMs in the game
  • optimization of the streaming in the game
  • optimization of the assets in the game.

And the most important: The consoles will also get their update to version 1.0.6! But first our fixes still have to pass the critical eye of our QA.

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