Autobahn Police Simulator 3 – Update 1.0.3

The next patch is ready for our diligent police officers out there. Here is a list of the most noteworthy fixes and changes we made:

Changelog – Update 1.0.3

  • The next patch is ready for our diligent police officers out there. Here is a list of the most noteworthy fixes and changes we made:
  • Fixed Characters get ported out of the world in some accident cases.
  • Fixed accidentally saving an NPC if the game is saved during a not engaged “Broken Down Car” mission. We are currently working on another fix to remove those accidentally saved NPC’s from save files. Because we want to make sure to keep the save files intact, we postponed this to the next patch to have enough time to make sure the save file fix works as desired.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the player character not to be able to leave the car after teleporting to certain spots in the world.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to get teleported under the world after aborting mission “The Last Race”.
  • Fixed the alcohol bottle used as evidence object not being highlighted properly while using Intuition-Feature.
  • Fixed car parts which need to be photographed for the accident sketch not being able to be photographed because they are obstructed by a vehicle. Now you can always do a photograph of them.
  • Updated accident sketch to properly respect the positions and relations of the photographed objects. There were some cases in which an improper rotation calculation led to unsolvable sketches. The used algorithm was updated to properly account for those cases. Now every Accident sketch regardless of the position in the world is properly solvable.
  • Updated the item sizes in accident sketches. To further improve the accident sketches we updated the displayed item sizes in the sketch to better reflect the actual sizes of the photographed cars and objects.
  • Added an auto save after collecting collectables.
  • Fixed radio calls could get stuck if a speed control or traffic control was started while a radio call was actively played.
  • Added a kill plane and an extra vehicle check to reset the vehicle or player if either the player gets out of bounds under the world, or the vehicle starts to fly around. This helps to prevent players from soft locking themselves or being unable to continue missions if they accidentally get out of bounds.
  • Fixed an issue which cause the options menu to have the wrong scaling after starting the game.
  • Fixed an issue causing some options not to be selectable with controller.
  • Fixed some clipping issues with Roland Becker in the dialogue after collecting the rubber duck in the police department.
  • Fixed an issue with the vehicle doors not having the correct state because of the level of detail setup in mission “Undercover Investigation”.
  • Tweaked the sizes of checkpoints in the driving school challenge “Multiple Ramps” to prevent the player from accidentally missing them.
  • Fixed some issues with the keyboard remapping on PC.
  • Fixed a timing issue with showing/hiding the player in first person driving camera.
  • Fixed obstacles in driving school missions sometimes spawning lying down instead of standing properly.
  • Removed some wrongly placed traffic signs in the world.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the placement of objects to not be carried out properly if you use the fast travel to reach your destination. This manly concerned “Procedural Accident” and “Street Cleanup” missions.
  • Tweaked probabilities for mission requests while driving. Procedural Accidents end Broken Down Cars are now a bit mor likely to spawn and calls for Street Cleanup missions are now also available.
  • Fixed an Issue which caused the speed for camera movement in the photo mode to be wrongly mapped between controller and mouse.
  • Added new Level of Detail models and reduced poly count of more models to further improve performance.
  • Fixed an issue in the world streamer which caused loaded cells to be directly unloaded after being loaded which artificially increased load times especially while driving.
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