Autobahn Police Simulator 3 – Update 1.0.1


  • Updated default settings and made some internal adjustments to improve the overall game performance. This changes will trigger an automatic reset of your display settings on PC. If you did make any changes to the settings you might want to reapply them.
  • Fixed a bug preventing broken down cars from being completed.
  • Tweaked chance to get confessions in procedural accidents. Now it is more likely that a confession is made by the perpetrator.
  • Replaced Brick Texture in front of the police department.
  • Updated lighting inside the police department.
  • Fixed missing colliders near the police department which could cause the player to go out of bounds.
  • Updated controls and physics for the special car awarded after the mission “The Last Race“.
  • Fixed a bug in mission “The Last Race” which caused the mission to be broken after the initial car chase.
  • Fixed a bug in mission “The Last Race” which caused the player to disappear after the final cutscene.
  • Updated Texture and LOD settings for various objects to improve performance. This is an ongoing process and will continue in the next patches.
  • Fixed some issues with displaying the correct controls in UI.
  • Fixed music being played fast forwarded while skipping cutscenes.
  • Fixed an issue where it could happen that the player could not move anymore after skipping the arrest cutscene at the police station.
  • Fixed an issue causing the game time to continue to run after opening certain sub menus in the pause menu.
  • Fixed some of the beginning cutscenes in driving school can not be skipped.
  • Fixed some issues with the Cows in mission “Animal Road Hazard“ which could lead the cows getting stuck in vehicles and guardrails or the player clipping through the world after interacting with a cow.
  • Fixed clipping wheels in the game intro cutscene in mission “Welcome To The Autobahn“
  • Tweaked camera controls for mause and gamepad in the landmark and accident photo modes.
  • Fixed various occurrences of player character clipping through the world unintentionally. there might be still some situations left where this happens and we keep a close look to fix such occurrences asap.
  • Fixed some issues with holding items which could cause items being wrongly rotated in dialogues.
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